Working Weekend

Working Weekend

By Richard Dines
15 March
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Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd April

Spring is now here so that means the season is just round the corner and the facilities at Bentley need their annual clean and preparation for the coming Season. The working weekend is on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd April.

The Working weekend is for members, their friends and family to support their Club by volunteering some time. Whether that be an hour or the whole weekend, every offer of help will be gladly appreciated. Each day will run from 10am to 4pm and there are several things to be done, assuming the weather is on our side.

Some of the things to be done are as follows:

- Coxtie Green Road Hedge Trimming (Requires many hands and tools, e.g. Petrol Hedge Trimmers, Loppers, Secateurs, Garden Rakes, Gloves)
- Weed and Sweep Patio

Netting Facility Preparation
- Sweeping & Weeding Net Surfaces
- Put Nets on Main and Mobile Cages
- Fixing Batting Curtains to Main Nets

- Paint Wooden Benches
- Paint Rear & BBQ End of Clubhouse
- Paint Clubhouse Ceiling

- Clean Main Sightscreen Boards
- Clean Main Clubhouse, Kitchen, & Toilets
- Clean Changing Rooms, Showers, & Toilets
- Clean Patio Plastic Furniture

- Put Sightscreen Boards on Main Frames
- Put Outside Furniture in Place

Obviously each of these tasks will require tools or equipment of some kind, e.g. garden gloves, secateurs, weeding equipment, brooms, cleaning items, paint brushes, paint pots, etc, and we don't have a major supply of these items to go round everyone so please bring some of your tools with you as many hands make light work.

On each day there will be someone organising people, so please come over and we will find a task for you to get started on. Please ensure you wear suitable clothing when attending, as paint and tough stains can be difficult for you to remove from your clothes.

If you require more details please contact a member of the committee

Many thanks for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you.

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