Sat 18
E.Hanningfield & Gt. Burstead 1sts
Sat 2nd XI
Coleman & Hickey resurrect match, Dines & Windley seal victory!!

Coleman & Hickey resurrect match, Dines & Windley seal victory!!

By Mark Windley
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S.Coleman 103, Hickey 44, Dines 11.3-3-31-5, Windley 12-2-33-2


Three wins out of 3. If you include abandonments, then by my calculations the seconds have won 3 of the previous 28 scheduled games, which gives an idea of how good a start this has been for us.

Having won the toss (again!) I decided to ignore tradition and have a go at batting first on a decent looking wicket. As we struggled our way to 70/4 off 30 overs, I was very much starting to regret that. Some tight lines and a large, slowish outfield meant that scoring was hard, and every time we tried to force the pace a bit we seemed to lose a wicket.

Luckily, I had managed to cling in with some dour batting mixed with the odd slice of luck, and while our runrate looked horrible we had at least managed to keep some wickets in hand for the last 15. As Dave came to the crease, we managed to turn the big outfield to our advantage and started to pick up 8 an over without really hitting any boundaries (we only hit 20 in the whole innings).

Once again, I am happy to be able to wax lyrical about the performance of another young guy that really made a difference to the game. Dave played an innings of outrageous maturity, cleverly picking up 2's and 3's all over the place. I managed to do the same, and despite it almost killing me we put on 100 in no time despite barely hitting a 4 in anger. This allowed us to