By Dave Wright
17 June
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Agenda and reports

(Registered Number 07338913)

The Eleventh Annual General Meeting of Berkshire County Cricket Club Limited
will be held on Thursday 24th June at Finchampstead Cricket Club commencing at 11.00 am

1. Apologies for absence.
2. To approve the minutes of the tenth Annual General Meeting held on 22nd April 2021.
3. To receive the chairman’s report.
4. To receive the secretary’s report
5. To receive the annual accounts and the Financial Director’s report for the year
ended 30th September 2020 and to approve the payments of £40,000 and £1,531 transferred to the Berkshire Cricket Foundation.
6. To re-elect as a Director, Neil Doody, who retires by rotation in accordance with the Company’s Articles of Association.
7. To re-elect Francis Neate as President for the coming year.
8. To re-elect all current Vice-Presidents for the coming year.
9. To pass a Resolution approving the integration of the Company into a single Berkshire Cricket organisation under a Board of Trustees representing both organisations.
A detailed paper relating to this proposal was circulated to all members earlier this year. A further copy of this document is available from the Company Secretary upon request.
10. To approve the setting of the annual subscription at the rate of £25 for the year commencing 1st January 2022.
11. Any Other Appropriate Business.
The reports referred to under items 2, 3, 4 and 5 can be seen on our website:
Hard copies of these documents can be obtained on request from the Company Secretary, Graham Fyffe
Any member wishing to appoint a proxy to attend the meeting on their behalf, may do so by completing an appropriate form which should be sent to the Company Secretary at 19 Gingells Farm Road, Charvil, Berkshire, RG10 9DJ.


Minutes of the 10th annual general meeting of Berkshire County Cricket Club Limited held online on Thursday 22nd April 2021
Those present: Neil Doody took the chair with the following members present: Mark Allum, Angela and Eric Davison, Graham Fyffe, Danny Hall, Mike Hall, Sue Jones, Francis Neate, Brian and Janet Read, Tom Scanlan, Brian Tanner and Harry ?
In attendance: John Bolan (director) and Mark Roche (director).
Apologies for absence: Colin Ainger, Richard Hind and David Morris.
To approve the minutes of the ninth annual general meeting held on 21st March 2019
As the minutes had been published on the company’s website, the meeting agreed that they should be taken as read. As the members were meeting on-line, the secretary was asked to sign them as a true and correct record of that meeting.
To receive the chairman's report: As Neil Doody’s report had been published on the company’s website, it was taken as read. His detailed report is attached.
To receive the secretary's report.
As Graham Fyffe’s report had been published on the company’s website, it was taken as read.
His report is attached.
To receive the annual accounts and the financial director's report for the year ended 30th September 2019.
As Graham Fyffe’s report, together with the financial accounts had been published on the company’s website, they were taken as read.
To re-elect as directors - Graham Fyffe, Damaris Hayward and Mark Allum.
Following a proposal by Tom Scanlan and seconded by John Bolan, these persons were re-elected.
To re-elect Francis Neate as president for the coming year: Following a proposal by Neil Doody and seconded by Graham Fyffe, Francis Neate was re-elected.
To re-elect vice presidents for the coming year: It was the chairman’s sad duty to report that Geoff Mains MBE had passed away the previous Friday. Geoff had been a stalwart supporter of the county for many years, rarely missing a game home or away. He also informed the meeting that Rex Smith also died during the past year.
John Bolan proposed and Francis Neate seconded that the following vice-presidents be re-elected for the coming year:
M Allum, J Bosley, F R Curzon, Mrs A Davison, N B Doody, B Guha, M W Hall, M Head, B Johns, J H Jones, Mrs S L Jones, A Kingstone, G E Loveday, B H D Mordt, D Morris, P W Neate, The Rt Hon Lord Remant CVO, M L Simmons, T Tollerfield, Mrs J Walmsley, M J Wilkinson, B Wilson, J R Wood and D E Wright.
The meeting unanimously approved their re-election.
To re-appoint James Cowper Kreston as reporting accountants for the year ended 30th September 2020 and to authorise the directors to agree their remuneration. This was proposed by Graham Fyffe, seconded by Danny Hall and carried by the members.
To approve the setting of the annual subscriptions at the rate of £25 for the year commencing 1st January 2021.
This was proposed by Brian Read and seconded by Janet Read and approved by the meeting.
Any other appropriate business: Tom Scanlan recommended that the club should ensure that a suitable obituary for Geoff Mains is published in ‘The Cricketer’ magazine. He reminded the meeting that as a young man, Geoff had played first-class cricket for Gloucestershire and had been a life-long passionate supporter of our game.
Mike Hall, while happy to accept the directors’ recommendation not to re-elect Peter Prior as a vice-president, felt that the meeting should be given reasons for their action. Mark Allum and the secretary detailed the circumstances surrounding their decision. Following the Black Lives Matter controversy in 2020, Peter Prior objected to the ECB’s position in this matter and asked the county to support him. The Board were unable to agree to this as they fully supported the ECB’s policy on this matter. He then told us that no Berkshire team would be permitted to play on the North Maidenhead ground in the future. Members should be aware that our Women’s first XI and other teams use this as their home ground. Subsequently, he also banned North Maidenhead CC as well. This action lead to the team having to be wound up.
Mark Roche was thanked for his work in enabling this meeting to be carried out online.
As no further business was raised from the floor, the chairman declared the meeting closed at 11.32am and thanked those present for their attendance.


Last year I was able to give a reference to the coronavirus epidemic when then regrettably having to advise on all early-season matches being cancelled.
So in this my seventh annual report I can set out the now well-known position as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, for the duly truncated 2020 season and no competitive county cricket able to be arranged.
The months of April, May and June were totally lost to cricket at all our grassroots levels. After clear pressure by the ECB our grassroots cricket was able to take place from 11 July. This meant we could extend into September beyond our normal dates if appropriate. For our clubs they were indebted to the Home Counties Premier League, the Thames Valley League and the Berkshire League for programmes covering eight or nine Saturdays commencing on 18 July. For the HCPL and TVCL all matches were of 40 overs each with league tables but no promotion or relegation. Berkshire Cricket League reluctantly cancelled their programme but arranged a cup competition in August. The league matches taking place proved generally satisfactory with most clubs enjoying a full programme of matches throughout.
For our county, it was a programme of just five matches with county opponents Wiltshire and Oxfordshire and against Middlesex Seconds and Glamorgan Seconds. The season started with the Marlborough Cup match being the warm-up against Wiltshire which has been played annually since 1997. Unfortunately, the conditions at Marlborough CC on 26 July 2020 were not conducive to a real test leaving us comfortably winning after dismissing Wiltshire cheaply.
We also comfortably defeated Glamorgan at Falkland and Middlesex Seconds at both Merchant Taylors’ School and Henley in good encounters. Regrettably, the two-day match at Merchant Taylors was called off at lunch the first day due to a coronavirus contact by Middlesex players in an earlier match. The last match against Oxfordshire at Falkland suffered the same fate but near the end of a low-scoring match. With Berkshire nine down and no chance of winning a similar stoppage resulted.
This was the first season for us under the new ECB National Counties Championship. A full programme has been drawn up for 2021 being four matches at each format ie T20, 50 overs KO, and three-day Championship. But already the T20 has been called off by the ECB.
At this stage and to ensure the season was underway we have had three limited-overs matches against Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Bedfordshire.
As indicated last year, our overall structure is now firmly as one being the Berkshire Cricket Foundation. There are major benefits for the integration under the experienced board of trustees. Benefits including ongoing ECB funding at established core levels are already assured until 2022. Berkshire County Cricket Club, although duly part of our integrated Berkshire Cricket, will very much continue with its programmes for the NCCA and Academy sides.
Our heritage since 126 years ago in 1895, our traditions and successes, are firmly entrenched as BCCC.
I can offer sincere thanks to all our sponsors. Their support is very much appreciated and valued. This leads me to add thanks to everyone who contributes to our cricket in Berkshire. We have many persons involved in the playing sides, the coaching and the organisation and management for the benefit of all our cricket.
The obituary pages of this year’s handbook will record the sad deaths of former players. We lost batsman Lee Nurse at only 43 with coronavirus, spinner Rick Orton at 73 and all-rounder David Mordaunt at 83. I knew all three well so I can join you all to express sadness at these losses.
We certainly hope for a remaining full programme of KO and Championship this season. We can thus resume in good heart and continue building on our outstanding success of recent seasons 2015 to 2019.


It is pleasing to report, despite the restrictions caused by Covid, that the company achieved a surplus of £1,531 for the above year.
Our youth, development and specialist courses were successfully held before Christmas Thereafter, our squad training sessions were only curtailed by two weeks when the lockdown came into effect. These activities resulted in a surplus of £23,560 compared to £15,494 for the previous year. It is our practice to use these surpluses to cover the high costs of playing matches. Sadly it was not possible to stage any games this season. Our administrative, net staff and other costs amounted to £6,790.
Our chairman has reported on the very limited games our men’s first and second XIs were able to play once the lockdown restrictions were lifted. Our women’s XI were not able to play any matches. The match costs amounted to £8,727 against which should be offset the surplus of £1,449 arising from our celebration supper held in October 2019. We did in fact receive the first tranche of match funding of £13,500 from the ECB but in view of the huge losses that the Board had incurred due to the absence of paying spectators for all first-class games including six Test matches, your directors felt it prudent to carry this grant over to the 2021 season in case there was a reduction in funding for that year. Since finalising our accounts, we have heard that there will be no reduction in funding so we are in a very strong financial position.
Our net Governance expenditure showed a reduction from £7,394 to £6,237. As part of the integration with the Berkshire Cricket Foundation, we transferred the ownership of our tangible assets to that body. Their net value amounted to £1,724 which comprised ground and playing equipment as well as laptop computers.
The continued support of our Sponsors is very much appreciated. We contact them in early April asking if they would continue their support for the forthcoming season. However, in view of the lockdown and no indication when it might be ended, your Board felt it prudent to suggest that it would not expect any support this year. Our decision was appreciated by our sponsors. I am happy to report that they will all be fully sponsoring the county this season. The county is very appreciative of the work David Morris does on our behalf in obtaining this valuable support.
During this year, the Company has transferred to the Foundation £40,000 of its reserves as well as the surplus of £1,531 for the financial year under discussion. Members will be asked to approve these payments at the AGM.


The Chairman will have reported on the very limited playing season during the year due, of course, to the effect of the dreadful Covid pandemic.
For the record, I can report that the Company incurred a surplus of £1,531 which compares to a surplus of £10,573 for the previous year. Our Financial Director will be expanding on our financial position in his report later in the meeting.
The past year has been a dreadful year for the passing of so many old players and supporters. The 2021 Yearbook contains obituaries for Tony Bampton, Rex Smith, Denis Maynard, David Mordaunt, Richard Orton and Lee Nurse. Since then, I have to report three further deaths:
ERNIE TATTERSDILL played his club cricket for Wargrave and Englefield. He then played regularly for the Berkshire Seniors. When he hung up his boots, he took on the role of match manager as well as on some occasions scoring for three games a week. He continued to take his kit to matches and was happy to don his whites and field as a substitute. In November 2019, he was named the inaugural winner of the Graham Roberts Trophy for services to Berkshire Seniors Cricket.
FRED CURZON was a vice-president and very actively involved for many years in youth cricket throughout the County. He spent most of his cricket life with Kidmore End CC and over countless years held many official positions with the club. He had been their president since 2006.
GEOFF MAINS CBE didn’t represent the County on the playing field but as a young man played first-class cricket for Gloucestershire CCC. We believe that at the time of his death, he was their oldest living Gloucestershire player. Until quite recently, he attended all our first XI matches home and away. His cricket knowledge was extensive and while he was not uncritical, he always leavened his views with kindness. Our skipper James Morris and Tom Lambert, head of performance, gave very warm appreciations on the club’s website for his advice and help and thanked him for his long-standing support.

Berkshire County Cricket Club Limited
(A company limited by guarantee)

Detailed profit and loss account for the year ended 30 September 2020

2020 2019
£ £
Cricket (13.099) (1,493)
Governance (8,698) (8,295)
Workforce (29,028) 2,067
Youth Coaching 53,338 19,346
Cricket Foundation (40,000) -

Administration expenses (980) (1,070)
------------ -------------
Operating (loss)/profit (38,469) 10,555
Tax on (loss)/profit on
ordinary activities - 18
--------------- -----------------
(loss)profit for the year (38,469) 10,573

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