Sat 07
1st XV
Mixed Nations Tournament (Celts,Onions,Antipodeans,Limeys)
Onions vs Limeys 2017

Onions vs Limeys 2017

By Daniel Cole
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Onions vs Limeys 2017

BRFU resurrected an old tradition in Local Rugby with the revival of the old friendly Rugby match between Onions (locals) and Limeys (the rest of the world!).

Both teams came out of the gates strong and showed a willingness to throw the ball wide. Referee Jamie Baum set the tone early by ensuring each team adhered to the breakdown rules - and as a result a quick fast flowing game evolved resulting in a total of six tries being scored in total.

Onion's opened the scoring with a spirited counter attack with the ball eventually spun wide to be touched down in the corner by Alex Brown. The Limeys were seeing green a few moments later when a raging Tashon Desilva ran a sublime line in mid field and burst through to extend the lead. Two Conversions and further Try’s from speedy Rich Cumbers and Jahan Cedenio gave the Onions a 24 - 0 lead.

A strong Limeys team led by the ever present Conor McGlynn and the ageless Peter Dunkerly battled to the end. A Strong set piece play resulted in hard fought Try”s from the massive Dave Rourke and the plucky Mike Williams to keep the score line respectable.

The final score 24-10 to the Onions was a fitting result in a well contested game played in good spirits.

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Sat 07, Oct 2017