Why don’t you become a VP!
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1. Why don’t you become a VP!

Bicester RUFC needs YOU! We are a Community Amateur Sports Club, run by unpaid volunteers, bringing the game of Rugby Union Football to Bicester. Even if you’re unable to play, coach or physically help out, you can still help us to achieve that by becoming a Vice President through your subscriptions.

We currently offer two tiers of Vice President, standard at £50 and Vice President plus at £100.

What’s in it for Vice Presidents?

  • First and foremost, that feel good factor, knowing that you’re helping to keep the game being played in Bicester
  • You will be a member of the club (non-voting), able to come and watch the teams play, with access to club news, fixtures, results and match reports
  • You will be extended an invitation to join other Vice Presidents at pre-match luncheons and other social functions
  • You will be a social member of Bicester Sports Club, and able to make use of their extremely attractive bar
  • You will also be able to bid for International Tickets with other club members when they become available through the RFU

Why become a Vice President plus?
  • Because you want all of the above and more
  • Because you can and because you want to help us more financially
  • Because you want full voting membership of Bicester RUFC to help shape our future together
  • And we will recognise your support for our club, and afford you the opportunity to bid for International tickets before they are on general release to the rest of the club

For more information, please email vpsecretary@bicesterrufc.co.uk


BRUFC Membership 2018/2019 (Vice President)


BRUFC Membership 2018/2019 (Vice President PLUS)