Access to Rugby Fund Officially Launched

Access to Rugby Fund Officially Launched

By Paul Jaggers
21 November 2018
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Bicester RUFC is delighted to launch Access to Rugby!

Access to Rugby is a fund set up to support parents or individuals who are struggling to afford the costs associated with playing rugby for BRUFC, whether this be the cost of membership fees, support towards the cost of tour or access to appropriate kit.

The aim of this fund is to remove the financial barrier and burden to individuals that can make it difficult for players of all ages to be able to play rugby and become a member of BRUFC.

Who can access this fund and how?
Anyone! The Access to Rugby fund is available to any youth/senior player and families.
Individuals can self-refer or club officials/parents/senior players can refer individuals that would benefit. All referrals should be sent via email to

How will the fund work?
The fund will be run by an administrator, who will deal with emails and refer individual/peer requests to the Club Chaplain. The fund will be held in a separate account, solely for Access to Rugby. Once a referral has been accepted, the BRUFC Treasurer will be informed in order to transfer the monies from the Access to Rugby fund account to the BRUFC account. The individual/parent and referrer will then be informed.

Administration and assessment of referrals is completely anonymous, with only the Club Chaplain, Access to Rugby administrator and BRUFC Treasurer aware of the names of referrals. These individuals will keep all information confidential.

How do I donate?
We are always looking for more donations to the fund so if you wish to donate, please email for further details.

Kit Swap/Donations
Watch this space for more information regarding the Access to Kit swap/donation facility.

If you require more details, please refer to the BRUFC Access to Rugby Details on the Club website.


Access to Rugby Details

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