U10s Newsletter - September 2009

U10s Newsletter - September 2009

By Rupert Broome
4 September 2009
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A newsletter for the Bicester RUFC Under 10s at the start of the 2009/2010 season.

Bicester RUFC – U10's Newsletter
September 2009

Welcome to the U10 2009/10 season at Bicester RUFC. U10 is the second season of the contact game and differs from U9’s by having contested Scrums and Line Outs.

Firstly, there is no U10 lead coach, as per U9's last season. The coaches have agreed to continue to work together and share coaching responsibilities as a team and will ensure player development and enjoyment is not effected. The coaching line up is:

Jon Shan 01869 345855 (H) 07958 236100 (M)
Gareth Jones 01869 369572 (H) 07877 367732 (M)
Martin Moore 01869 252833 (H) 07885 513970 (M)
Rupert Broome 01869 278709 (H) 07734 051998 (M)
Paul Constable 01865 331140 (H) 07595 092485 (M)
Joe Harding 01869 350174 (H) 07738 916373 (M)

Given the amount of new content this season there's always room for extra help. If you would like to join the coaching team please approach one of the coaches.

If your offspring was a member last season there will be a semi-completed membership form printed, these will be available to collect at pitch side. There will be blank forms available for new players, and RFU Young Player Registration forms for any players not yet registered with the RFU. Caroline and Nick Carpenter have kindly agreed to coordinate U10 membership, so please liaise with them to submit membership forms and subs.

It's vital players wear the correct kit, if a player doesn't comply with the 3 requirements below they will not be allowed to play the contact game.

1. Boots must have Rugby studs (rounded aluminium), not football studs or blades.

2. Proper fitting Mouthguard – custom made mouthguard service is available on Sunday 13th Sept in the clubhouse, or a universal mouthguard from a Sports shop can be used.

3. Clothing must not contain velcro, zips or any sharp edges or features which could cause injury

Head guards and body armour or padding are up to the individual but might help player confidence. If in any doubt please speak with one of the coaches. There is Bicester RUFC kit available which is normally on sale in the clubhouse most training days. Contact Andy North at bicesterkitshop@aol.com if you have any questions.

Training sessions will start at 10:00am, please ensure your child is ready to start on time. All training sessions will be held at BSA, Ackerman Street, Chesterton and finish at 12:00. After training refreshments are available to purchase in the clubhouse.

Signing in
Players must be signed in at each training session and fixture. A register will be provided each week for parents to complete. We also ask that when signing in your child, parents also confirm availability for the following week by ticking the relevant box. Please also take the time to check that the contact details we have for you and your child are accurate/up to date.

All fixtures are now available on the website, the first fixture is a festival at Grove on 4th October. It is important players enjoy and are safe playing Rugby, to aid this coaching staff believe players at this age group should play in teams of similar ability. This promotes involvement and increases confidence so developing their Rugby skills and gaining the most from the sport. Teams will be selected on ability although the teams will change as player's abilities change. If you have any questions ask a coach.

A simple guide to the U10 laws is available from the coaches and will be circualted at the first training sessions of this season. This will help both players and parents understand the game. It would be really useful if you would spend a few minutes from time to time reading through the laws with them, so they fully understand the game. If you require clarification on any law please ask a coach. It's really important players understand contact Rugby as quickly as possible.

Match Shirts
This season, as last season, the plan is to issue a striped match shirt to each player who is a registered member. Parents will be required to sign for these and will be charged £25 for any non-returned shirts at the end of the season, so please make sure they come back. Match shirts are for matches ONLY, plain red shirts are available for purchase from the kit shop for training if you wish.

Parent Help
This final section is one of the most important. This age group, like the rest of the club, is run by volunteers who work hard to provide safe and fun Rugby for your children. In addition to coaching and refereeing there are a number of tasks that need to be completed during the season and it's vital parents help out otherwise it's left to one or two people which is not acceptable.

At the time of writing this newsletter several roles remain unfilled and we need volunteers to step forward to help. The coaches will discuss this with parents during the early weeks of the season. The specific roles are :

Kitchen duty - 4 sessions during the season plus the Bicester festival (see fixtures list)
Car parking - 1 session during the season plus the Bicester festival (see fixtures list)
Match shirts – book shirts out and in, at the beginning and end of the season
Membership and register – Caroline and Nick Carpenter
Bicester Festival, U10 representatives
Team Coordinator/Communication

Last of all, if you are reading this then you have discovered that the club now has a new website.

All parents are encouraged to register with the site and sign up as an “U10s Parent”. As the season develops, and all parents sign up to the website, the coaches will look at other ways we might be able to use the website for communication purposes. You will also be able to post photos etc yourselves.

If you have any questions please approach one of the coaches.

The U10 coaching staff

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