Sun 12
U18 Colts
Sheffield U18s Colts 38 – 0 Bicester U18s Colts

Sheffield U18s Colts 38 – 0 Bicester U18s Colts

By Alan Smith
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Bicester blown off course but still have fun.

After a hard game against West Hartlepool and an even harder night in Newcastle it was off bright and early the next day to Sheffield. ‘Where’s Michael? Still in the shower’. Bicester eventually left and hit the motorway for the second game of the tour against Sheffield Colts. Bicester were feeling the ravages of the previous day and with injuries to Christian and Mark there were some positional changes to be made. With Adam at scrum-half, Oscar on the wing, Jonny (captain for the day) in the centre Bicester arrived at an even more windy Sheffield.

The game can be summed up with Bicester letting in four tries in the first half playing into a hurricane, but stuck to their task admirably to only allow a very good and well organised (and not tired!) Sheffield side only two more tries in the second half to end the game 38 – 0. Bicester had two penalty attempts to get on the score-board with the highlight being Jonny’s kick which was accurate but fell just short.

An excellent effort where Bicester had real moments of good play driving deep at Sheffield. Man of the Match: Everyone who was still standing. Squad of: Callum, Max, Harrison, Ashley, Joey, Dan B, Cameron, Adam, Sam, Oscar, Jonny, Louis, Michael, Lewis and Sawyer. Again excellent support from the touchline by Liam, Dan W, Christian and Mark.

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Sun 12, Apr 2015