Sun 16
YES yes yes!

YES yes yes!

By Gary Morgan
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Bring it on! A 26 player squad turns out, subs the opposition and wins ALL the 84 points, 77:7.

Sorry for the delay on the pic’s and the report but work had me away from home last week. The photos say it all loads of action to be had. Although it is worth checking the socks to see where the play is coming from, US. Please note that the pictures have to go through an approval process and hence can take some time to appear.

So a game at home at last against Reading who were very thin on the ground, so much so that we contributed some of ours to ensure we had some games.

Game One - 43:0
So straight away Mike gets the ball over the line to start our roll. Followed by the conversion, that’s 7 points thank you. Not to be outdone Mike sizes opportunity and delivers another 5 although we could not convert it.

The points kept coming but unfortunately we missed out on a further 6 from some missed conversions. At 43:0 no one is worrying about that though.

Game Two - 17:0
Jordan gets two tries with Rory taking one of the conversions. There was another try to be claimed but sorry to say I did not get the players name.

Game Three - 17:7
Desperate to get in the thick of the play Will decides to go Green and looks like he is loving it. In fact “going Green” suits more of our team as we score Reading’s first try and a convert it to give them 7.

So now you can see why all 84 points were ours. GREAT STUFF

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