Sun 23
And it just gets better... Two fantastic games against Watford Fullerians

And it just gets better... Two fantastic games against Watford Fullerians

By Gary Morgan
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What at face value seemed a big team to take saw Bicester rising to the challenge and giving a good as they got. Taking 21 Players to Watford we played two tough games to draw 29:29.

Game 1 - 17:17

Watford took the lead just a couple of minutes in converting their try. In reply Jordan setup things for Mike to drive through our first try. Unfortunatly we could not convert it.

Big though the opposition were they seemed no match for our scrums, almost without fail we got the ball.

Great play kept the Fullerians in their place until halftime. With new found energy Watford were straight in there with another try and conversion. Shortly followed by another try from Mike

Watford pushed again got the try but could not convert but not to worry we came back got the try followed by Olly’s conversion.

Game 2 – 12:12
The first half was ours. Just 4 minutes in Mike and Olly gave us 7 points with Rory getting another 5 just before halftime.

Then it was Watford’s half try as we might we could not stop them getting 2 try’s and a conversion.

A very enjoyable weekends rugby. Thanks lads!

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They are a strong club so should be a good contest