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A match 6 months in the making

A match 6 months in the making

By Christopher Baldwin
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Wallingford U15s 42:0 Bicester U15s

As their final U15s match, Bicester went to Wallingford for the much postponed league game, frozen off in November 2012. From the kick off it was clear that the lads were not going to give Wally an easy ride. Excellent defence, rucking and counter rucking and selfless tackling kept the game scoreless after 22 minutes. Frustrations started to show and after 2 penalties conceded on our own 5 metre line, Wallingford finally made it over the line.
Heads stayed up for the restart and again the tackles were going in thick and fast keeping all the play between the two 22’s. The hard ground finally won its own battle as Rhys went down with a broken collar bone 2 minutes before half time. After play restarted it was Wallingford who switched on faster scoring a breakaway try from the scrum restart. 14-0 at half time.
The second half saw a major changes to the home team and this dramatically changed the balance of play. A couple of missed tackles from Bicester were exploited early taking the score to 21-0. The game then became a case of which team had the most organisation at the breakdown and Wallingford took less than 10 minutes to run in 3 more tries, all converted to end the League Game with a 6 try difference.
Testament to Bicester’s fortitude is that the game continued (as a friendly) for a further 14 minutes, and while Wallingford scored more tries, our heads stayed up and frustrations were channelled positively rather than giving the referee anything to be concerned about. It should be noted too that with Wallingford’s County forwards on the pitch, Bicester still won most of the line out ball and delivered some great mauling ball. Josh finally made it over the line for the try that was always coming and the boys faces showed they’d been in a battle, but fought all the way. The squad was Josh, Alfie, Tom B, Ashley, Oscar, Adam, Garin, Dan T, Christian, Max, Benj H, Cameron H, Tom C, Louis, Rhys, Ben L, Dan B, Harrison.
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Sun 28, Apr 2013