Sun 17
Daventry U16’s 20 - 34 Bicester U16’s

Daventry U16’s 20 - 34 Bicester U16’s

By Christopher Baldwin
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Bicester travelled to Daventry not quite sure what to expect although looking at the seasons results so far it was going to be a hard match.

Bicester kicked off and drove the Daventry catcher into touch, they won the line out and after some tidying up the ball was spun down the line to Lewis who went on the outside to score. 0 – 5 up and only a minute on the clock, where had our normal slow start gone? The boys were certainly up for it and when Daventry tried to run the ball they were met with a crunching tackle in midfield from Mark to knock them back. Bicester started to put the pressure on with a series of drives and soon Dan W was punching holes through the centre. Bicester pressed and George was unlucky not to score when the ball was dislodged as he dived over the line. From the resulting 5 metre scrum Garin expertly hooked against the head and George picked up from No.8 to drive over to score 0 – 10. The momentum was with Bicester and they continued on the front foot knocking Daventry back, after several phases with great support Bicester were just short of the line but with a short pop to Ed he was over to score with Christian converting 0 – 17. However it was not all one way traffic and it was only good defence that stopped Daventry making more of the ball that they had. Eventually Daventry won a penalty 10 metres out and opted to kick a penalty 3 – 17. Bicester kicked off and Daventry dropped the ball but advantage was played as Adam was quickly up snaffling the bouncing ball to burst through and score with Dan W converting 3 – 24.

The second half saw Bicester unable to maintain the intensity of the first half and the breakdown began to get scrappy allowing Daventry to counter ruck and put pressure on Christian at the base. Bicester then gifted Daventry a try allowing their centre to run through numerous attempts at tackles to score 10 – 24. The defence that had been so good had gone walkabout, was this where heads would drop and allow Daventry back in? The answer was a resounding no as again Bicester went through a series of drives putting pressure on the Daventry line and with the ball being recycled Dan B drove and stretched to get the ball down for a good score 10 – 29. What happened next was one of the highlights of the game, Bicester ran the ball along the line to Louis who was well tackled but he stayed on his feet and drove forward and being joined by 4 other Bicester players together they drove the maul 40 metres up the pitch. Then what do Bicester do but go to sleep again and another Daventry player went on a weaving run from halfway bouncing off weak tackles to score 15 – 29. From the kick off Bicester tackled the Daventry receiver drove over and gained the ball which was spun out to the backs with good hands for Mark to run over and score 15 – 34 a real team try. As the game neared the end a comedy of errors saw the ball go loose over the Bicester line for a Daventry player to dive on to score 20 - 34. There was just time left for Bicester to press for a final score just falling short as the final whistle went.

A great team performance against a well drilled and strong Daventry side where good defence and positive go forward were the difference. Fitness levels are still not where they were last season which resulted in a drop of the high standards in the second half. Overall a really good win against a strong team with everyone contributing and doing their jobs well. Squad of Ed, Garin, Dan B, Harrison, Oscar, Ashley, Tom, Adam, Cameron, George, Christian, Ieuan, Dan W, Mark, Lewis, Louis and Rhys.

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Sun 17, Nov 2013