David Cumpston

David Cumpston

Openside Flanker
Looks like David Cumpston didn’t play this season

Previous clubs

Llantwit Fardre, Llandaff, Malvern, Sutton Coldfield, Aston uni, UCE, Cardiff Lions, Bristol Bisons, Newcastle Ravens, Manchster Village Spartans. I've been around !


When did you start playing rugby and who for ?
Llantwit Fardre under 8's (1988)

Do you play any other sports?
Tried to pay football for Blaze. But, alas, proved I'm Defo a rugby player. Hockey, against girls. Frightening. Squash. Tiddleywinks.

Favourite rugby player, and why ?
Neil Jenkins. But of a local hero (from my village and was the first player ever to score 1000 international points). Quite an achievement being a welsh player in the 90's.

Favourite rugby moment (on or off the pitch) off the pitch... Much un fancied Pontypridd winning the European semi-final against the English champions (London Irish) and everyone being so happy, we s ran on the pitch crying and hugging.
On the pitch- Bingham 2008 playing for Cardiff lions, coming back from 14-0 down to win 21-19 against the hosts (emerald warriors ) in the quarter final.

What's your usual drink ? Port. Best drunk in a shower/changing room.

Complete one sentence beginning with "Forwards", and another beginning with "Backs".
Forwards are a group if intelligent individuals that appreciate a nice hug now and then.
Backs are a bunch of Jessies that like to stand around with their hands on their hips shouting at the sweaty, mud encrusted pack, for not working hard enough. (I could go on...)