Raun Jones

Raun Jones

Looks like Raun Jones didn’t play this season


Q: Past Rugby Experience:
A: I started at the age of 3 and then stopped at 14.

Q: What other teams have you played for ?
A: I played for many teams in this time but the final one was Sudbury. #I then Joined the bulls in Sept 14.

Q: Do you play any other sports ?
A: My other sports are kayaking and walking.

Q: Favourite rugby player, and why.
A: Leigh Halfpenny as he is Welsh and hot - also a damn good player and have you seen his thighs?

Q: Favourite rugby moment:
A: Fav rugby moment in recent time would be the first time in Eden with you guys being made to feel part of the team from the start - fav game Wales v Scotland when Wales scored 3 tried in the last 5 mins to secure the game.

Q: Favourite drink
A: these days red wine also like a nice ale

Q: Complete a sentence beginning with Forwards, and one beginning with Backs.
A: Forwards are introverts hanging around in groups for protection. Backs are on the other side of the pitch from the ball.