Rob Major

Rob Major

Right Wing
Looks like Rob Major didn’t play this season


Q: Past Rugby Experience:
A: Started jan 2013 for the Bulls

Q: What other teams have you played for ?
A: Have played for Harbourne 3rds

Q: Do you play any other sports ?
A: Play waterpolo and swim

Q: Favourite rugby player, and why.
A: George North cos seeing him run makes my heart flutter!

Q: Favourite rugby moment:
A: On the pitch - every time I tackle someone much bigger than me!!
Off the pitch- so many to choose from - being part of a supportive close knit team that look after each other.

Q: Favourite drink
A: Usual drink - I don't!!

Q: Complete a sentence beginning with Forwards, and one beginning with Backs.
A: Forwards training is much more fun than back training!
Backs work just as hard as forwards during the game!!