Player COC and Expectations
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3. Player COC and Expectations

Players Code of Conduct

The Club expects that all players will......

  • Attend training regularly and inform Coaches of known absences in advance of the session.
  • Arrive in good time for every session and are ‘ready to start’ at the stated time.
  • Arrive in good time for each game and make every effort to attend each match - you're part of a team and your team-mates rely on you.
  • Respect all coaches, players and supporters.
  • Care and respect the facilities and equipment made available to them.
  • Respect their health and do not use illegal or unhealthy substances.
  • Respect all match day officials and their decisions, whether right of wrong.
  • Stay in the technical areas provided on match days.
  • Respect all good play whether from their team or the opposition and shake hands after the game with the opposition players and match officials - win, lose or draw.
  • Always applaud the supporters when leaving the pitch at the end of each match.
  • Wear the required/expected club colours/garments on match days.
  • Most importantly - have fun!