Coaches and Staff COC and Expectations
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4. Coaches and Staff COC and Expectations

Coaches' and Staff's Code of Conduct

All Coaches and Staff, please remember to...

  • Ensure good communication to all players and parents with regards to training times and match day arrangements.
  • Be at the training venue in good time to inspect the training facility and set up your session.
  • Be at the each match day venue in good time to welcome your players/set up.
  • Complete and follow session plans and self reflection.
  • Acknowledge absences (players/staff) to the group.
  • Speak to players by name at least once in every session.
  • Ensure players are continually challenged and encourage effort.
  • Recognise, reinforce and reward hard work, positive attitude, effort and commitment.
  • Discourage foul play and unsporting behaviour.
  • Don't over use talented players, treat all players the equally.
  • Show concern towards injured players, follow advice from doctors/physio's when a player is returning from injury
  • Encourage players to respect and accept the judgement of the Match Officials without question.
  • Never publicly criticise the Match Officials and shake hands with them after the game.
  • Keep up to date with any new rules of the game.
  • Remember you are coaching children..... DO NOT be a "win at all costs " coach.