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In 1877 the club was founded in what was, and still is today, a soccer mad area. Some of its early history is a little vague due to newspaper records having been destroyed by fire but there is hard evidence of games against such teams as Preston, then known as Preston Rovers, in the year of 1877.

In living memory it was thought that the club had been reformed in 1921, but after dedicated research from Michael Green he was able to prove continuous rugby from 1877. Before he did so the club celebrated what it thought was its Jubilee year in 1971 before the Rugby Union accepted the evidence and agreed that officially we were founded in 1877. The result of this was that we were able to celebrate our centenary in 1977, six years after our Jubilee. To cap it all we had the same 1st XV captain for both celebratory matches; the late and much lamented Ted Cooper. That has got to be a first in any sports quiz.

Going back to our formative years various grounds were used including one at Ewood but in 1920 the club settled in the “Yellow Hills” near to the Clog & Billycock pub which was used as a changing room. Playing subscription was one guinea per annum.
In 1932 the members purchased the land on which the club now sits (Ramsgreave). A wooden hut was added as a clubhouse which survived with its interior decoration of a bison’s head until a new clubhouse was opened in 1964.

Since the late 1960s the pitches have been drained (the main pitch used to be a quagmire) at substantial cost, further land was added and an extension was built with the help of lottery money. Ten years ago with the aid of a Rugby Union loan we were able to redesign and refurbish the clubhouse.