GM Reminder

GM Reminder

By David Scott
2 June
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The GM will be held Monday 3rd June 2019 - 7.00pm at the clubhouse.


1. Welcome & apologises
2. Presidents Report
3. Outgoing Chairman’s report
7. Approval of Trustees / Directors for the forthcoming year
8. AOB
9. Development Update / Report

Proposed Nominations for CIO Board Trustees for the Financial Year 2019/2020

Club Trustees Club Trustees

President – Mr T Farley Mr G Bancroft
Chairman – Mr I Holcroft Mr W Thomas
Secretary – Mr D Scott Mrs D Newman
Rugby – Mr D Radice Mr N Atherton
Finance – Mr M Williams Mrs J Woodward
Mr ID Newman
Mr P Clancy
Mr M Bullen
Mr P Westhead

Proposed Company Directors for BRUFC Ltd for the Financial year 2019/2020

Mr T Farley
Mr I Holcroft
Mr M Williams
Mrs D Newman

Chair of Mini & Youth - Mr G Wake

CIO Property Trustees – Mr R Graham, Mr R Yates, Mr D Morris

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