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Joe Shorrock

Joe Shorrock

Tight-head Prop
Looks like Joe Shorrock didn’t play this season

Also plays for

2nd XV


Name? Joe Shorrock
Nickname? The Shed
Position? Prop
First rugby memory? Ribblesdale U14's at Stonyhurst
Rugby idol growing up? Sergio Parisse
Favourite current player? Sergio Parisse
Favourite sport other than rugby? Rock climbing
Favourite food? Italian
Favourite music? Funk
Favourite film? Predator
Which celebrity do people say you look like? Buzz Lightyear
What was the last movie/TV show that made you cry/tear up? Jurassic Park
Ideal dinner guest? Max Fullalove
Favourite holiday destination? Rhodes
Do you have any hidden talents? Cooking
Describe yourself in 3 words? Strong, dependable, annoying

Beach or Snow? Beach
Posh meal out or Takeaway? Takeaway
Backs or Forwards? Forwards
James Bond or Jason Bourne? Bond
Wilkinson or Carter? Wilkinson
Looks or Personality? Personality
X Factor or Strictly? Strictly
Megan Fox or Rihanna? Megan Fox

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