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Mike Dixon

Mike Dixon

Looks like Mike Dixon didn’t play this season


Name? Mike Dixon
Nickname? Dicko
Position? Flanker
First rugby memory? Year 7 Town championship
Rugby idol growing up? Neil Back
Favourite current player? Anton Garcia
Favourite sport other than rugby? Rugby League
Favourite food? French
Favourite music? R&B
Favourite film? Braveheart
Which celebrity do people say you look like? Sonny Bill Williams
What was the last movie/TV show that made you cry/tear up? Grey's Anatomy
Ideal dinner guest? Paul Gregson
Favourite holiday destination? South of France
Do you have any hidden talents? Singing
Describe yourself in 3 words? Cool, Likeable, Attractive

Beach or Snow? Beach
The Times or The Sun? The Times
Wine or Beer? Both
City or Country? City
Wilkinson or Carter? Carter
Backs or Forwards? Forwards
Posh meal out or Takeaway? Posh meal out
Kate or Pippa Middleton? Kate

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