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Blackheath Needs You!

Blackheath Needs You!

By Charlie Sid Speller
4 July
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Offer your support to raise money for the new nets project by volunteering to help organise the PCA day on 29th July

Dear Members,

We are 1 month away from welcoming the PCA England Legends to play against Blackheath on what will be a fantastic occasion for the club. We have currently sold 22 tables of 10 people in the marquee and have given away a table to the local NHS foundation to recognise our amazing key workers efforts over the past 15 months.

There is still time to purchase a table. They are being sold at £750 for 10 people and include a champagne reception, 3-course lunch, half a bottle of wine each and a Q+A with the PCA players. Please contact victor.kandampully@santander.co.uk to secure a table.

There will also be ground admissions on the day, these will be £20 per head and include drinks tokens and free entry to a raffle. Further details will be circulated around the club shortly. All profit generated from the day will go towards a new nets project at The Rectory Field and to raise as much money as possible we need your help.

To deliver the day, we need volunteers to lead workstreams and help out on the day. The event requires significant manpower and we are looking for volunteers for the following roles:

- Bar manager and volunteers
o We need someone to oversee the bar operations and be responsible for organising the bar on the day.
o We need two volunteers to help run the bar alongside paid staff that we will bring in on the day.

- Waiters
o We need approximately six volunteers to work alongside our caterers to serve food and clear tables.

- Front of House
o We need two volunteers to admit ticketholders and take payments for ground admissions at the front of the club.

- Head of Evening Entertainment
o We need someone to take responsibility for organising live music in the evening.

- Flyering
o We need one or two volunteers to take flyers around the local area in the week preceding the event.

This will be a huge day for the club and could lead to a much needed upgrade of our facilities.

Please contact Vic @ victor.kandampully@santander.co.uk if you would like to offer your assistance.

Thank you,


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