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Cricket Bursaries 2024

Cricket Bursaries 2024

Vic Kandampully9 Apr - 18:30
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The Blackheath Bursary Scheme offers assistance for members in financial difficulties.

The Club is able to offer a limited number of bursaries for members who are constrained financially, unemployed or encountering special circumstances which limits their ability to pay full membership fees.

If you are successful in applying for a bursary, you will be given a discount on your season ticket. The amount of the discount depends on your individual circumstances.

If this applies to you, please fill out the attached form (we are reusing the 2023 version, so ignore the title where it says 2023) and return it to the Membership Secretary, Peter Deal -

The deadline for applications is 10pm on 30 April.

Please note that:

1) Bursaries are only available for season tickets, not Pay As You Go.

2) The amount of a bursary is not fixed. It is in proportion to your financial circumstances - please provide all relevant information so a fair decision can be made.

3) In reviewing a bursary application, the only factor determining whether you are awarded a bursary is your ability to pay. We do not consider how good you are at cricket.

4) The financial information you provide will only be considered by 2-3 people, and will be kept in strict confidence.

If you are awarded a bursary, you must commence paying instalments on your season ticket by 12 May, or the offer will be rescinded.


Blackheath CC - 2023 Bursary Application Form

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