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Membership fees are overdue

Membership fees are overdue

Vic Kandampully9 Apr - 18:00
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Buy your Season Ticket (or Pay As You Go membership) via the Pitchero shop.

Members were required to buy a either a season ticket or a PAYG membership by 10pm on Sunday 12 May, and the vast majority of members have either signed up to pay for a season ticket by instalments, or have purchased a PAYG membership.

If you have not yet paid a membership fee, please note that the selection committee is now discouraging captains from selecting non-payers, where there is a viable alternative.

We will extend a couple of weeks' grace to new joiners and to bursary applicants, but this leeway will soon expire. Please consider this as fair warning that any adults who have not paid a membership may find they have been omitted from selection, without further warning.

Please therefore choose one of the membership options ASAP, if you have not done so already. The two options for paying membership fees are as follows:

Season Ticket - allows you to play as much adult cricket as you like - including pre-season matches, Kent League matches, Sunday league, friendlies, midweek T20s, and the Development League. There are no additional fees levied on a match-by-match basis. This means that the more cricket you play, the better value for money you get from your Season Ticket membership.

This is likely to be the most cost-efficient option for members who intend to play reasonably regularly, and it is also the simplest in terms of personal admin - once you have paid (or set up your monthly payment) you don't need to do anything further.

The Season Ticket can be paid for either in a lump sum, or via a series of monthly payments. Please see the Pitchero shop for full details.

Reduced price season tickets are available for students and for paid-up members of the Blackheath Juniors section.

Pay As You Go – while we prefer members to buy season tickets, we know that some people have jobs (or other commitments) which mean they are not available every Saturday. The PAYG system is designed to ensure that such members can participate fully in club life, without having to pay a substantial membership fee.

You can choose this option on the Pitchero shop by selecting “2024 Pay As You Go membership”, which costs £35.

This entitles you to use the club’s facilities, such as the clubhouse, bar and the practice nets. Of course, it does not cover the cost of playing matches, so you will be charged separately for each match that you play in, as follows:

1st XI to 4th XI £32.90
5th XI to 7th XI and Sun £25.75
Students/U18s £20.45
Juniors in 5th XI-7th XI £15.00

These match fees will be charged via Pitchero, and you will receive a payment request via the Pitchero Club app. You will also be notified by automated emails from Pitchero. Members are required to pay match fees within 14 days of receiving the payment request, and must not allow significant arrears to build up.

If you choose the PAYG membership, you will receive a payment request for the pre-season friendly matches that you have played so far.

Paid-up members of Blackheath Juniors are automatically deemed to have a Pay As You Go membership of the senior section, so do not require a PAYG membership. The only requirement for juniors is to pay match fees for each match.


The club offers a bursary scheme, which offers discounted membership fees to individuals in financial difficulties, so that no-one is excluded from cricket due to a lack of funds. The scheme is open to all ages and ability levels. Full details are available in the article headed "Cricket Bursaries 2024". The deadline for applications was 30 April, but late applications will be considered until the end of this week.

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