Bognor RFC League Lunch 29/2

Bognor RFC League Lunch 29/2

By John Donoghue
4 February
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Its leap day so leap on down to our next lunch!

Hi Everyone,

First a big thank you to all 50 of you that turned up at short notice for the last league luncheon.

Now there is an equally quick turnaround for the next league lunch which will be on 29th February.

The smart ones amongst you will have realised that this is a very auspicious date as it is Leap Day!

A once in 4 year event that traditionally means that ladies can ask men to marry them.

Well we are more progressive at Bognor especially given that all the ladies associated with our club, need neither permission to ask anything! Nor a special date on which to ask!

As such I am looking to encourage anyone who has not been to a league luncheon in the last 4 years to get off their big fat arse and come down and cheer on the 1st team against Eastleigh 2nds.

This is a blank weekend for the Six Nations, no European championship, Saracens fielding their U23’s in the premiership and Liverpool having won the premiership means there is bugger all else to do but come down to YOUR club and have some fun.

Everyone is welcome, mum and dad, nan and grandad, non players and juniors (as long as parents do not mind some fruity language at times – no one can control what Bob May will say!)

Icing on the cake is that this luncheon we have invited Chestnut Tree Hospice to attend and Phil Burns is presenting a cheque for £500 that we have raised at our golf days for this fantastic cause.

All you have to do is to attend is call (07971 052857) or email me by return or on ASAP.

Arrive for 12 noon on the 29th February pay £15 for a three course lunch which includes free entry to a fantastic raffle and you have the beginning of a great Saturday afternoon of friendship, sport and revelry.

I look forward to seeing new and old faces on the 29th!

John Don

07971 052857

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