Avery Fields needs your help.. Still

Avery Fields needs your help.. Still

By Jon Terry
23 May 2019
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An update on our proposal to extend the operating hours at Avery Fields.

As you will recall we have put together a detailed proposal to get approval to extend the operating hours at Avery Fields and we are now hoping for a committee date next month . As such you still have time to support us!

As a reminder....

It is easy to look at Avery Fields today in all its new glory and wonder why revenues need to be increased but it needs to be maintained and the AGP pitch will need to be renewed in the next 5 years. None of this will come cheap which is why the club needs to explore a variety of options to increase revenues.

In addition to maximising the use of the playing facilities one of our aims is to use the clubhouse for evening events which is why the extension has been applied for. Indeed, it is something that is already holding us back a little and we have missed out on the chance to host certain sporting events. We have not been able to meet customer needs when it comes to their evenings/social plans.

Our proposal therefore is to allow the clubhouse to remain open until midnight Sunday to Thursday and 1am on Friday and Saturday. This means we can offer the venue for evening events such as post match entertainment, parties, weddings as well as club activities. The application included a detailed management plan to ensure activities cause no harm to our neighbours, backed up by a specialist noise report which provided further assessment.

We do appreciate that a proposal like this will generate concern from our neighbours and we know that there have been letters of objection. However, people are often more motivated by objection than they are by support and we would be keen to encourage our supporters to get behind us. We would encourage people to write/email in as soon as possible.

Whilst we know that it does say that the statutory consultation has expired, letters will still be accepted until the report is written and emails can be sent to Omar.X.Sharif@birmingham.gov.uk and should contain

  • Your name and contact address
  • The application reference: 2018/10142/PA - Avery Fields
  • Your reasons for supporting the application
  • - how important rugby and the venue are to the local area
  • - how longer opening hours will enhance the income for the venue and ensure its long-term survival
  • - that the information submitted with the application shows there will be no adverse impact on neighbours as a result of the proposal

All of the submitted documents can be reviewed on the City Council’s website (https://eplanning.birmingham.gov.uk/Northgate/PlanningExplorer/ApplicationSearch.aspx - ref number 2018/10142/PA). If you want more details please contact Alistair Blacklaws at acb@averyfield.co.uk

As you have seen from our recent Open Day and our support of the RFU All Schools Programme we are keen to make sure that our amazing facilities are used by as many people as possible. We aim for Avery Fields to be one of the premiere rugby/sporting hubs and community events venue located in Birmingham and if we are to do that and ensure the long term sustainability of the facilities maximising our clubhouse revenue is essential.

At the moment though there is a real chance that we will not be granted late night use unless we get more support from our membership and community partners so please help!

Thank you in advance for your support

Bournville R.F.C.

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