Rugby and Karate

Rugby and Karate

By Jon Terry
14 November 2018
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Our U16s Head Coach (Dan Myers) on the benefits of Rugby Players learning Karate.

Kaizen Shotokan Karate Club.

In my years coaching juniors rugby I've seen a few players that do regular karate sessions and I am in no doubt that it helps their rugby.

I'm a great believer in training in one sport as a way to excel in another and using martial arts as a way to develop rugby skills has been clear to many at Bournville Juniors since the European Judo champion used to coach with us a few years ago.

Kaizen is a friendly club. Very good for kids and challenging with highly experienced instructors led by a sensei of national & European pedigree.

How does karate help rugby?

  • Karate develops core strength very similar to the RFU 'Tower of Power'.
  • There is a focus on hip movement as the source of power which is critical to all aspects of rugby.
  • Understanding how to time the tackle to maximise the opponents balance against them.
  • Building upper body strength to help with ripping the ball.
  • How to improve relaxation after periods of intense exertion.
  • Temperament during times of physical pressure.
  • Improves fitness in a big way.
  • Advanced stretching techniques help avoid injury.

None of this comes across straight away and develops over time. Nevertheless the long term focus on challenging yourself clearly benefits other sports.

I would like to point out that my observations extend to...

  1. Karate will not help with ball handling skills.
  2. Karate does not help in anyway with developing rugby TDM.

If you think your Bournville player would be interested in karate or even if you would like to try it yourself. Just pop on to the Kaizen website and check out the time & place of the training sessions.

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