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3rd XV
Bridgnorth 2
B Moyo
A Iles
Familiar Story at home to Bridgenorth

Familiar Story at home to Bridgenorth

By Jason Hammond
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How to solve a problem like Bridgenorth 2's

In what was Bounvilles 2nd home game of the season a culmination of CLUB players turned out for the 3rd's putting out a strong squad. A return to the pack for Chris Hignell following his asentuion to the 2nds, the return of Capt Jason Hammond, and the added quality of Alex Iles who was graciously welcomed back to the no. 10 shirt.

Bournville started very bightly forgetting about the previous encounters against Bridgenorth, and took the lead early on with Bernard Moyo blasting through the centre of the field scoring just wide of the post. This was Bernards first try for the club and still is yet to down his 4 tequila shots. This will be rectified soon.

Sadly Bridgenorth pushed on scoring some good tries, despite Bournville putting up some very good defence. The score at half time was a very respectable 19-7 to Bridgenorth, but could have been closer had bounville taken 2 penalties by kicking for the posts rather than going for touch.

The second half saw Bridgenorth open up the floodgates, with them attacking down hill, they scored a number of tries working the ball out wide and taking advantage of bournvilles inexperience. Despite this Bounrville put up a very good fight hitting hard and defending with great determination and doing the badge proud.

Final score saw Bounville lose 62-7.

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Sat 01, Nov 2014