Sat 03
Old Yardlians 3rds
3rd XV
B Moyo
L Crutchley
Close Call again

Close Call again

By Jason Hammond
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Damn it

Bournville took on Old Yardlians in today's game, a game in which the two teams were well acquainted from the league, losing 10-12. With Bounville full of young guns the odds looked in our favour, but sadly it didn't go that way. Bounville conceded 2 early tries going 12 - 0 down within the first 20-30 minutes. Late on in the 1st half Jason Hammond called for the mark after catching a high ball and with the quick tap went for a very productive run through old yardlians ranks, passing the ball to Mike Charley at the last minute who eventually got the ball to Bernard who went over for the try, with Lee Crutchley getting the conversion.
In the second half Bounville put on the pressure spending the majority of the half in old yardlians half, and coming close to the line on no less than 4 occasions, only to be let down by a handling error or the opposition holding up the ball.
The game became very scrappy in the 2nd half with both teams getting very heated and confrontational and ended in a particular un-bournville manor with old yardlians choosing to kick a penalty rather than carry on the game for the last play of the game.
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Sat 03, Jan 2015