Sat 21
3rd XV
Old Yardleians 3's
Bournville 3's    -    Old Yardlians 2's

Bournville 3's - Old Yardlians 2's

By Lee Sullivan
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A view from the side

The last match I watched at Metchley Park, the 3's battled well in the 1st half but lost the plot in the 2nd. This time there was some excellent leadership and encouragement on the pitch and Bourns finished the 1st half with a good lead. What the score was I don't know, I was having enough trouble holding and operating a mostly metal camera and lens in the bitter cold. Thank god the prevailing westerlies kept at bay ( another use of a nugget of information taught at school - which at the time I had declared - 'When am I ever going to need to know that?')

Now I am just waiting for the opportunity to find a use in my retirement for one of my Fire Service formulas used to calculate the jet reaction from a firefighting nozzle - this useful formulae is, as we all know, R = 0.157 P d2.

2nd half arrived and so did Old Yards. From what was mostly an old boys 'senior' side - they put up a great show. None stop attack and defence from both side. Bourns managed to increase their lead with some slick passing and eventually turned out worthy winners.

Anyway enough of amateur match reportage, take a look HERE for a few photos of the game.

Sully - Bournville's always friendly (and free) photographer

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Sat 21, Jan 2017