Sun 15
Under 9s (mixed)
U9s take the win at Moseley

U9s take the win at Moseley

By Jon Terry
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On a blustery day in Moseley nearly 80 U9 rugby players met up for a game of rugby.

By dint of 1 extra win Bournville came away with the win but it was obvious that both clubs can be proud of their efforts

We split in to 4 teams and each played 3 games. We forgot to name the teams this week which perhaps have something to do with 4 of the coaches, including the Head Coach/Director of Rugby, suffering from some mysterious and debilitating illness that had absolutely nothing to do with the Club Ball the night before. This may possibly play a part in the following match reports being a little brief in some areas!!

Bournville 1 – Coached by Rich V, James and Adrian
(Editors note: How come they needed 3 coaches!?!?!)
Played 3 – Won 2 – Lost 1

James, Adrian and I had a well balanced team showing flair in attack and some resilient defence.

In the first match we were a little slow to get going but some incisive running from Matt got the score board moving with some impressive individual tries. There was some great support play with good offloads allowing continuity in the phases. There was a lot of Hard work from Freddie and Charlie in these areas. Ultimately we secured a 3-3 draw with our defence struggling a little with their bigger runners.

The second game carried on where the first one left off. Good running and offloading saw a flurry of tries with useful contributions from Eddie and Thomas. The difference was in defence with Rhys in particular making some valuable hits as well as grafting going forward with some good carries. Ultimately we came away as comfortable winners (5-3, I think)

The third game was tighter than it should have been. The team was perhaps getting a little over confident or it was perhaps tiredness after working hard but some simple errors started to creep in. This caused a few too many turn overs with forward passes, touch line runners (you know who you are) being driven in to touch and knock ons. This put us a bit on the back foot. The Moseley team played with great character particularly in defence with some lovely touch line tackles. They were quick in attack and might well have won the match if it were not for an awesome display of tackling by Kai. Where a lot of the tackling had been a bit on the high side Kai gave us all a lesson on how to tackle. A lot of industry with the ball in hand from Max saw some nice phases with multiple passes and offloads with the rest of the team resulting in a 3-2 win.

Men of the matches were Matt in offence (the upside down dive with over head touchdown try was a trifle showy) and Kai with some stunning last gasp try saving tackles.

By and large, a good performance by all, particularly in support play. We need to continue to work on tackling but we are seeing improvements in this area.

Match Report by Rich V

Bournville 2 – Coached by Ian
Played 3 – Won 2 – Drew 1

We finished the day undefeated and carried the flag for Bournville. Hopefully this brought a smile to Max’s face on his return to Billesley Common following his free transfer to Bournville. However it was slightly disappointing to see us miss so many tackles. We’ve been really strong in the tackle since the introduction so let’s hope this was a blip brought on by the wintery conditions.

Despite this, it’s still a real joy watching us running in full flow and showing our attacking prowess. We’re a very strong force going forward and when we back this up with the potential we have shown in defence we will be a formidable opposition.

There were a couple of standout defensive performances through the three games; George continues to impress with his fearless defensive approach and Ryan has started to show a little snap in his tackle. Offensively, Oli M-P showed us what he is capable of and Jacob crossed the line with some regularity. Archie & Rory C backed up the team with a solid all round display and it is pleasing to watch Freddy, Christo and Alexander grow and start to show some real flare for the game.

Match Report by Ian

Bournville 3 – Coached by Tim
Played 3 – Drew 2 – Won 1

We definitely got better as the day went on with a great effort from the boys. Some great tackling from Tom, Seb, Will T and some great running from Will T, Will B, Thomas U, Alex B, Jack and Tom. Finn was playing well until he had a bash on the nose from a high tackle!

All the players in the team improved over the day and by the final game would have been a match for anyone.

Match Report by Tim

Bournville 4 – Coached by Jon
Played 3 – Drew 1 – Lost 2

The team never quite got out of the starting gate although their attitude and effort could not be questioned. It was often just the case that they were trying a little too hard to throw the wonder pass or push too far in the run rather than taking the tackle and setting the ball back more safely.

We could have won the first game as there was nothing in it and had we been the team when ‘Last Play’ was shouted we would probably have hung on to our 1 try lead. Unfortunately for us Moseley had the ball and we couldn’t turn them over before they scored the equalising try. But the game showcased that Rory M and Mason would be a handful in attack.

We probably played our best in the 2nd match up with a determined Rohan scoring a great try after crashing through some tackling but we were beaten by a Moseley team who threw some long passes in to space at the right time and managed to hang on to the passes despite the blustery conditions.

And then in the final game we just got well beaten when everything we tried went wrong and we could not hang on to the ball. However there were some pleasing big hitting tackles from Mason and Jay to enjoy.

Man of the match – Mason consistently ran from deep to take the ball at pace in attack and I can’t recall him missing a tackle. A super effort!.

Match Report by Jon

We would also like to take time to thank Moseley.

  • For their hospitality.
  • For playing the game in the right spirit.
  • For having almost as many players as us and so allowing so much game time for all of us!

Rugby was definitely the winner this Sunday!

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