Sun 14
Under 9s (mixed)
We won!

We won!

By Jon Terry
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It was a while ago though and much of it has passed in to folklore....

BUT the diligent Rich V did write an epic Match Report for his squad and we're posting it because that is the right thing to do!

P2 - W1 - D1
A nice sunny day masked bitingly cold conditions and this was going to define the day. We played two games. In the first one it was evident that cold hands were discouraging tackling and passing early on. They had some big lads and it took us a while to get into bringing them down. This allowed Moseley to get in front by half time and we hadn't really got into the game at all. The second half was much more encouraging. As the team had warmed up we started to see some hits going in from Rhys, Callum and Will. Some direct running from James, Ryan and Jack saw the team get some forward momentum and freed up space out wide for Matt and Thomas to run riot off some nice distribution from Lucas and Christo. Unfortunately we didn't quite recover enough to secure the draw but it was encouraging.

Going into the second game the playing patterns remained similar with some players favouring defence with others hungry for the ball in attack. This formula seemed to work with the team securing victory with Matt and Thomas running some dizzying lines, Callum putting in a serious defensive shift with four tackles in quick succession giving us a turnover and a great try saving tackle in the corner from Will characterising a, 'they shall not pass' attitude in defence. Rory was unusually quiet in the first game but we did get to see some flashes of his running abilities in the second game. When he backs himself he can be quite a threat.

Although we got the result there are still many areas that need work. There is much room for improvement in making tackles and going in low. Some of the team are quite happy to avoid tackling, leaving it to others. Some of the running is still too lateral and occasionally backwards which needs to stop. We ran into touch too often, particularly when going for the corner for the try and this is wasted possession. Despite all our work in the drills there was not enough quality passing and opportunities to offload were missed out upon as people were only running with one hand on the ball and a failure of the team to back up in support.

Get this lot right and these could be an extraordinary group of rugby players.

Match Report by Rich V

The 2 other Teams
P2 - W1 - L1
P2 - W1 - D1

Giving us a 4-2 win on the day!

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Sun 14, Feb 2016