Sun 03
Old Yards
Under 9s (mixed)
Tired but Happy

Tired but Happy

By Jon Terry
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A tired Bournville squad came together at Old Yards sporting bleary eyes and, in some cases, muddy kit and knees from the day before.

But they dug deep against an Old Yards squad a little depleted in numbers playing 3 6-a-side matches and coming away with a 2-1 win on the morning.

Bournville Rangers - Coached by Rich V (match report by him too

What a difference a day makes. 24 little hours. A very different Bournville to the one we saw at Leicester walked out to face a good and competitive Old Yards side. Perhaps the team were a little tired from their previous endeavours but once again they were very slow to get going. In the first half there was no urgency or spark in attack. Rohan made some of his trademark direct runs but things quickly fizzled out with slow ball and no real invention with their passing or offloads. It made it very easy for the Old Yards defence. When they came at us the defensive line wasn't particularly committed and tackles were missed. We were lucky to be only one try down at half time. In the second half the team started to pick themselves up. Defensively, we started to make things harder for them with Will finally waking up and getting stuck in with his usual appetite for contact. James started to run with a little more of that positivity that made him stand out last season. Charlie was running some great lines out wide with Thomas tying up therite defence with some great direct running, grinding out the hard yards. Max started to get more involved as the match progressed running with greater purpose. Unfortunately, the team struggled to link these good individual running efforts together and consequently things would fizzle out short of the try line. In the end we lost but did well to keep things as close as we did. At least we softened them up for the other Bournville sides.

There was some good rugby but still a lot to work on.

Bournville Tigers - Coached by Tim (match report by him too)
It seems that late nights, fizzy drinks and junk food have a dazzling effect upon 8 & 9 year olds. After a long day (and night) on the Saturday at the Leicester festival, these boys played a superb game of rugby. Against a strong and well organised Yards team, Bournville Tigers (as they wished to be called) put in a Herculean effort in defence and attack. Working as a team, in defence they were incredible, driving their opponents back in the tackle, forcing errors and and countless turnovers. So strong was their defence that the opposition failed to score. George, as ever put in many strong tackles, but this really was a team effort, with Matt, Will T and Tom H making repeated big tackles. The team effort in defence was equalled by their attack. Strong, powerful, direct running from Callum and Ollie committed the defenders, great pace from Matt and George broke the line on numerous occasions and some magical elusive running and great hands from Tom and Will bamboozled the defence.

A fantastic team effort; the best this season. Bournville 7 Old Yards 0

Bournville Lions - Coached by Jon (match report by me too)
The team perhaps benefitted from being the last out of the traps and taking on a good side who had been a little unsettled by the terrific performance from the Tigers. But this should take nothing away from a great performance that few would have predicted after a less than perfect warm up. All of the team put a shift in defensively with Rhys to the fore and Alex (invigorated by one big hit) as effective as he has ever been. Mason and Rory were typically elusive in attack with Mason showing some new tricks (a casual walk towards the opposition which prompted a "what are you doing!!?!?" from the coaches before a change of pace took him through a gap for a breakaway score). Finn ran well in attack and put 2 hands on the ball regularly which meant that he found it easier to make scoring passes. And Will B again showed his pace and flair with 2 great tries. When he goes for it he invariably is too much for the opposition!

It was a good win which clinched the morning for the team.

Another great morning from the team. Well played everyone.

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