Joss Adams ( C )

Joss Adams ( C )

Fly Half
Looks like Joss Adams ( C ) didn’t play this season


1.When and where did you start playing rugby - 12 years old
2.1st game for Braintree - under 13’s
3.Biggest rugby influence - Brian Pemberton and Alan Shepherd
4.Hobbies away from Rugby - Gym and boozing
5.Work - Operations manager
6.Favourite team mate - Everyone apart from James Abbott
7.Favourite film - Shawshank redemption
8.Favourite song - twist and shout Beatles
9.Favourite Band - oasis
10.Favourite playing position – 13
11.Favourite tipple – red wine
12.Best Bench press - 145Kg
13.Favourite Club to beat - Chelmsford
14.Most influential player - Pagey
15.Favourite actress - Maddison Ivy (pornstar)


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