Tony Colebrook

Tony Colebrook

Loose-head Prop
Looks like Tony Colebrook didn’t play this season


1.When and where did you start playing rugby
Fyvie Primary School (Scotland), 1992
2.1st game for Braintree (age group)
Under 15’s (I think?) – end of 1995.
3.Biggest influence through youth rugby
The Legend that is Neville Potts! If I had to make this about seniors, its easy Gary Coote.
4.Hobbies away from Rugby
Cross stitch.
Ship Broker.
6.Favourite team mate
Neil Richards. Or Lloyd for comedy value. Or Mikey, as he does a shit load of work on the pitch allowing me to hide when knackered.
7.Favourite film
Stardust. Gay as hell, but I love it.
8.Favourite song
Alive by Pearl Jam. God that makes me feel old.
9.Favourite Band
Pink Floyd. Yep…definitely old….
10.Favourite playing position
10……1 of course!
11.Favourite tipple
Yamasaki Whisky.
12.Best Bench press
162.5 kg
13.Favourite Club to beat
It’s a tie between Maldon, Chelmsford and Southend. They are all twats.
14.Most influential player
In the club? Tough one….probably Daryl. On the pitch, probably actually Wes Apps (he doesn’t allow you to not put in 100%).If it’s a ‘most influential player in the game’, that’s Joe Marler.
15.Favourite actress
Amy Adams / Karen Gillan / Emma Stone / basically any redheaded one.

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