Team History

Team History

Scotty Johnson and I sat in the living room of North Matlack Street deciding on our colors (Red & Black Stripe)(although I think we used red with a white collar because we couldn't get the others ordered that fast) and first name (Cherry Busters)(How Aldo-ish at the time LOL!)(My wife/girlfriend then (Alex) made our first patch which was similar to the ghost buster's symbol of the time.
(CHERRY BUSTERS !!!! yelled at Midfield after boot check)

(Killer B's Bust Better Cherrys!!!) (those same 15 for the second game/ Maybe Heevy came in as a winger?)

The team was mainly formed on the basis that we were starting many players at WCU that were no longer in school or were just living in West Chester (our founder being one!)(Rudy, Jack, Yacco, Litch, etc). This was obviously not fair to the college players. I think that there was also a desire to create something for the future. We still haven't met the goals of our own clubhouse and permanent pitch close to West Chester, but these are things we can strive for in the future.

We had some great early trips including 3rd for the turd, some close but disappointing playoff/tournament runs, an over midfield (fan side-line) penalty kick and a lot of great characters.

Also some classic early games against Vely's WCU RFC after the start-up (sorry for the defection of a few us starters that were still in college! We just wanted to play with our Mates!)

Many seasons of 16-22 players giving two matches to all opponents. Sometimes kicking off the "A" with less than 15 players LOL.

I'm really excited about this as we've been talking about it for awhile. I hope to be able to contribute to the continuity of the OLD BOYS with the club. We still have questions about the first 15 and where some of the early guys headed off to.

Thank you to all have put out your time and effort to promote the tradition and vision that is BRFC.

For those who got so much out of BRFC, please support the club both financially and morally.