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Juniors/Colts Section 2023

Juniors/Colts Section 2023

Alistair Armitage17 Feb 2022 - 18:14
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Welcome letter and updates on 2023 season as well as dates for your diaries.

Please find below a short guide to the upcoming season for the Junior/Colts teams.

March 2023
Dear Parents & Players,

Please find a short update on our planned activities and dates for the forthcoming 2023 season.

We have some indoor training sessions for ages 5 to 13 planned during February and March - these are held at Freman Sports Hall with dates listed below.

These sessions can be attended by any of our younger players at a cost £2.50 per session. If you can let us know if your child wishes to attend any of these indoor sessions then it would help us to gauge numbers but you do not need to book.

Our outdoor sessions at Braughing Playing Fields will start from Saturday 22nd April for ages 13 to 15 and Sunday 23rd for ages 5 to 12, these sessions will be every week for around 12 to 13 weeks but will depend on weather conditions.

Do be aware that the ECB All Stars and Dynamos programmes are embedded into our outdoor training sessions and ECB dictate that their structured programmes can start on May 7th, but we have 2 weeks of junior training available before that as we also use these for some cricket “taster” sessions for new players.

All our junior players will be offered up to 13 weeks of outdoor training regardless of the registration method (direct with the club or signed up via ECB All Stars / Dynamos) : dates as indicated below.

Our ECB All Stars Cricket Program is aimed at new or young cricketers aged 5 to 8. This will start outdoors on Sunday April 23rd 09:15 to 10:30, Children can be booked onto these sessions directly with the club or via the ECB All Stars website. Each child registered via the ECB website will receive All Stars participation kit.

We will also run the ECB Dynamos Program that is aimed at young cricketers aged 8 to 11, starting outdoors on Sunday April 23rd 10:45 to 12:00. Children can be booked onto this session directly with the club or via the ECB Dynamos website. Each child registered via the ECB website will receive a Dynamos shirt.

Dates for your diaries.
26th February 14:00 to 15:00 Indoor Training session for ages 5 to 13 at Freman College
12th March 14:00 to 15:00 Indoor Training session for ages 5 to 13 at Freman College
26th March 14:00 to 15:00 Indoor Training session for ages 5 to 13 at Freman College
26th March Deadline for U10 and U12 Colts Player registration forms to be returned
16th April Proposed deadline for all other registration forms

The 2023 membership form is available now, please return as soon as possible.
22nd April 10:30 to 12:00 U13+ Colts Outdoor Training Sessions
These will run every Saturday through to around July 16th
23rd April 09:15 to 10:30 All Stars Cricket (aimed at new/young cricketers ages 5 to 8)
10:45 to 12:00 Dynamos (8 to 11) & U10s Colts Outdoor Training Sessions (Softball)
10:45 to 12:00 U12 Colts Training Outdoors Training sessions (Hardball)
These will run every Sunday through to around July 16th

Note: New or returning players can start attending sessions after the advised start dates, but we do need a registration form for every child attending a training session.
U10 & U12 Teams

Braughing have teams entered into the U10B and U12B Herts Junior Leagues this year. Games are usually on weekday evenings and start from late April or early May (U12 hardball and U10 softball). We expect fixtures will run into early July, and these will be listed in

We are requesting the registration forms for players in the U10 and U12 teams to be returned by 26th March. This is because we need to ensure the team squads are registered with the league this year.

Parents who wish to help during training or on match days please let one of the coaches know, as we need more parent involvement to be able to continue to run teams in leagues.

For understanding availability, and selecting teams, we use the online Pitchero system, which is also used to send information such as club news, social events, and training and fixture details.

Registered parents/ members are asked to enrol in this system and keep their contact details up to date.

Membership Forms & Annual Fees

The 2023 membership form is being sent out with this Welcome Letter, or it can be obtained by emailing

Please complete the form and return it by Sunday 16th April, as we need to have the completed form before the first session is attended. This is so we have the necessary contact and health information recorded. Feel free to email or send us a hard copy.
We ask that Annual fees are paid before end of April.

The Braughing CC website has information on the first team fixtures and BCC policy & procedures, please take time to read these documents and we are happy to answer any questions.

I have attached some FAQs and answers, if you have any other questions then please don't hesitate to ask, we look forward to seeing you in March or April.

Please feel free to forward this to other parents that may be interested as we would really like to continue to grow the club.

Kind regards
Peter Hobson Chairman – BCC
Phone 07874 868691

David Birkett Coach- BCC
Phone 07956 327769

Doug Walker Junior Colts Coordinator
Phone 07946 397735 

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