2019/20 Membership Information
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2019/20 Membership Information
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2. 2019/20 Membership Information

Dear All,

Club membership for the 2019/20 season is now payable.

The preferred method is by using the new “Payments” facility via the club website.

This is accessed via the navigation bar across the top of the Club website’s Home Page or by clicking on the above hyperlink. The various types of membership are listed. Select the appropriate category and proceed to fill in your details and then proceed to payment via “GoCardless”.

Choosing this method means NO PAPER WORK IS NECESSARY and does help the administration at the Club enormously.

Please also consider consenting to Gift Aid being reclaimed by the club on the donation portion of your membership

Please note that you have to register for club website membership to be able to use this payment method. This is a simple process.

Everything is straightforward and should be no more demanding than registering and shopping with Amazon, iTunes, etc.

Alternatively (and please note that this is the club’s least preferred method), you can download the appropriate application form from the links below and pay manually over the bar in the clubhouse. Full instructions for the required procedure are on the forms.

Please note that prospective new members will still need to complete a paper membership form (available from the link below). This is to comply with the Club's rules.

For some further information on junior player membership click on the "Junior player membership" link at the top of this page.

If you have any problems or questions please contact the Membership Secretary GEORGE ADAMS or call him on 07887 777 730

Many thanks for your support and prompt payment - returning members are required to pay by the 30/9/2019


Gift Aid Declaration