Clubhouse Clean Up Weekend 3rd/4th August

Clubhouse Clean Up Weekend 3rd/4th August

By Peter Watson
20th July
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Can you help out?

Hi all, we are looking for as many willing and able volunteers as possible to help tidy up the clubhouse, and surrounds, ahead of the upcoming season.

We are aiming to do this over the weekend of 3rd/4th August.

If you can spare a few hours to help out that would be great. Please let me know via 07990 910 949 or emailing me on

A list of jobs we'd like to try and attend to includes:

Clean ceiling vent in lady’s toilet in Tennyson room
Re-attach window ceil in Tennyson room
Repair hole low down in wall to the right of the door into the clubhouse
Replace front plate of double 13-amp wall socket in the alcove of the main clubhouse
Unblock small sink in lady’s toilet (water runs away slowly).
Screw down door bar into storeroom from kitchen
Paint walls and ceiling in the kitchen and food storage room
Install a lock on outside electrical control cabinet for drains
Clear behind Container and clean up of outside area disposing of all rubbish and broken chairs etc…
Sand and paint where possible.
Steam clean kitchen and kitchen storeroom
Clean all shutters
Clear outback of bar
Empty, clean and re-pack containers
Pressure wash grey chairs
Strim/cut back overgrown areas adjacent club

Tools required

General DIY tools/brooms
Skip maybe 2 - club will hire
Pressure washer/Steam cleaner

Great if you can assist us/your club

Cheers Pete - on behalf of BRFC ExCo

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