Mini and Junior Subscriptions

Mini and Junior Subscriptions

By Nerys Arch
2nd September
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New season will soon be here!

Dear Mini and Junior Parents

We always try to ensure that our M&J section progresses with improved facilities, playing/training equipment and kit and we can supply the best coaching for your children.

The above points, along with the general running of the club, rent, overheads, insurance and paying for coaches to gain qualifications does cost a significant amount..

With this in mind, we have reviewed our playing membership fees by comparing them to many other neighbouring clubs. We have found that Bridgnorth RFC is generally far better value, as our fees are mostly less than other clubs and we include a shirt in that cost, other clubs charge for the shirt on top of fees.

Furthermore, Bridgnorth RFC M&Js section has not increased playing membership fees for more than 10 years.

As a result, we have taken the decision to implement an increase in the fees for this coming season, please see the new costs below:

Mini and Junior Membership Subscriptions

1 Child - £110 - £9.17 per month
2 Children - £180 - £15 per month
3 Children - £250 - £20.83 per month
Colts player - £60 - £5 per month (no shirt included)

Finally, as a sign of our commitment to encouraging new members and retaining existing players, we commit that there will be now further increase for the next 2 years.

I hope you all have seen and appreciate the improvements in facilities, coaching, kit and equipment at our great club and you can understand that the more monies raised, the more we can invest in your children.

Kind regards

Phil Jefferies
Chairman Bridgnorth RFC Minis and Juniors


Current M&J reg form Season 19-20

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