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A Game of Two Halves

A Game of Two Halves

By Kashi Morrish
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A tense and tiring match against fellow Bridgwater team.

Bridgwater Ladies 2XI

The first of two games in the season when Bridgwater Ladies 2XI must face the Bridgwater Ladies 3XI. A match against players the 2nd team know well; training buddies and friends.

First half

The pressure of the inter-club game affected the 2’s quite negatively in the first 15 minutes with the teams looking well matched. At times, the 3’s looked that bit more energetic and enthusiastic.

Although the 2’s had more experience as a team, the early play suggested otherwise. With the pace of the opposition and the 2’s struggling to gain possession the 3’s made a break with Hilary McNeil, Vicky Redwood and Rachel Higgs having to spring into action in defence.

After hard efforts to avoid conceding a goal the defence gave away a short corner. The 2’s defensive four and goal keeper Sue Durkin gathered in the goal feeling deflated and perplexed by the play so far compared to the team’s usual excellent play. The 3rd team rose to the occasion and with the loud bang of the ball hitting the back board, the 2’s heads dropped. Contrary to the natural order of the teams, the 2’s now found themselves 1-0 down.

There was frustration within the team and the friends and family watching on. With the exception of a few magical moments the 2’s were not playing to their full potential.

After some persistent exertion, Chloe Sage dribbled into the D and swept the ball into the bottom right corner equalising the score line. An important goal! This created some positivity; the 2’s now believed they could win this tense league game.

With the 2’s showing more urgency in their play, a quickly taken short corner by the 2’s lead to Chloe Sage sweeping the ball into the goal beautifully. The team were briefly devastated as the goal was disallowed due to the ball not leaving the D prior to the shot. The team picked themselves up and stayed positive despite not getting the lead they wanted.

The teams ended the first half on a unexpected score of 1-1.

Second half

After a crucial & passionate half-time team talk from captain Clare Wilson and coach Rich Payne, the team charged into the second half with determination to win.

Clare Wilson playing centre midfield appeared to always be at the attacking end when 2’s held possession. Furthermore, managed to make it back to defend every time the 3’s broke. With Clare being able to match the oppositions’s high speed she got back to the defending D with them! On numerous times, tackling just before the 3’s were able to take a shot.

Cheryl Notaro-Livingstone, after being hit hard in the hand earlier in the game, came back on to the pitch and made a positive difference to the team. With another short corner awarded to the 2’s and a strong push out by midfielder Miche Rushe, Cheryl performed a powerful straight strike on target; motivating the team by bringing them to a 1 goal lead.

The second half saw Holly Hobbs and Rachel Higgs making some great tackles and turning the play around down the right wing. This created some encouraging drives forward and some chances for the 2’s.

Danni Morgan travelled well with the ball making some distance on the left half. By dribbling around the D and making a safe passes, Danni created many chances. One chance, Danni Morgan took herself and swept the ball into the left corner cleanly making the score 3-1.

At this point, it was a thrilling turn around for the 2’s and their spectators. Now very much dominating the game and looking like their usual selves, Cheryl received the ball in midfield, drives forward enough to hit the ball just wide right of the goal, needing someone to be on right post. Jess Shobbrook was on that post! Jess watched the ball well, taking one touch to tap it into the goal for 4-1.

Rose Baker had been showing herself to be a persistent and experienced forward. Being in good positions high up for the midfield to pass to. Also, deserved to get something from the commitment and fast reactions - shooting again and again after rebounds came off the keeper but didn’t get any luck. With the ball staying high for a while, Cheryl Notaro-Livingstone impressed everyone, even surprising herself, with a opportunistic goal from the top of the D! Finishing off a successful debut for Bridgwater Hockey Club. Overall, an outstanding come-back and successful second half for the team.

The final whistle blew with the score at 5-1. With a crowd of spectators and lots of shouting from the side line it was great to see two Bridgwater ladies teams so well supported. As well as the skilful and strong play displayed by both sides.

Player of the match was shared jointly by Clare Wilson and Danni Morgan for their bouts of energy from beginning to end, always leading to results. With the wide spread of votes for other players as well, this reflected the fantastic team work.

Next week the Ladies 2XI will face Cheddar at home aiming to add to their winning streak.

Watch this space.

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