Sat 30
Mens 4
Chard B
Should have been better ...

Should have been better ...

By alan baldwin
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Not as fluent as in training

It was a tad chilly this week as Winter is Coming at Chilton. Some 4xi debutants today as James Garner came down to play. As both teams warmed up Bridgwater felt good about this week and with Coach back, Bridgwater looked for a positive result.

From the off Bridgwater were on the back foot as a young but experienced Chard side had the best of the opening 10 minutes. Steve Morrish, James Kettlewell and Luke Otley played staunchly in defence but Chard were very dertermined and scored the opening goal. After this Bridgwater came to life and set up their own chance that Steve Miller cooly slotted home. The game would have been very different had young Sam Stacey put away his great strike, but the keeper saved it onto the post. Meanwhile the young midfield of Toby Knight, Stacey, Miller and Tystan Hudson/Garner were tested against Chard. Sam Thomas came onto the pitch and made a real difference with his attack, but his solid defensive work. Phil Pyke and Will Marchent-Saunders both worked hard to create chances. Christian Durkin made a couple of useful saves but Chard pressed home their advantage to score 2 more before the end of the half.

Bridgwater hadn’t played brilliantly but were still in the game. Despite starting positively, it was Chard who again took advantage by slotting home a fourth. After this Bridgwater tried to get a goal which left huge gaps at the back and chard duly accepted as the scored 4 relatively easy goals to finish with 8 goals.

MOM was close, as Toby Knight came second to Steve Miller, who won.

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Sat 30, Nov 2019




South East 2

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Chard B
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