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Regent put forward an application for Promotion

Regent put forward an application for Promotion

Tom Rothery26 Nov 2013 - 14:06
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Keeping our options open, Regent apply for promotion to Step 4


It has been decided as a club that we will apply for promotion to step 4. We are surprised if honest that this has even become a question for ourselves after two promotions in three seasons but it has and we have made the decision to apply. We know there is a lot to do and at no stage up until recently had we even contemplated the possibility of promotion but now we feel we have nothing to lose by applying and then reassessing the possibility nearer the cut off time rather than regretting not applying. Whilst everybody understands this involves a lot of hard work to ensure both on and off the pitch that we can indeed make the step up, it’s one we feel we need to be in a position to make if applicable. The club has made significant strides both on and off the pitch which have exceeded even our own expectations at times but everybody is determined to continue to develop and grow as a club.

Terry Doherty (Chairman) has released the following statement. “The club has always tried to meet and match the progression that James and Tom have achieved on the pitch and we don’t want to ever hold them back. After speaking to James, Tom and the committee we felt that whilst there is a lot to do, it’s a challenge that the Committee and I are prepared to take. The Thurlow Nunn League is superbly run and well organised, the other member clubs and the organisation of the League is fantastic and something that we all are very proud to be part of and one that we continue to be proud to be part of, for this reason whatever the outcome we feel as a club we are in a fantastic position”.

James Webster (First Team Manager) has released the following statement. “To be honest we’ve even surprised ourselves this season at how well we’ve adapted to the Thurlow Nunn Premier Division. After speaking to the players and Tom it was felt that we would be foolish not to apply for promotion. We also understand that there is a lot of work to do to meet the ground grading requirements but I have complete confidence that as always the club will make every effort to match the progression off the pitch that we continue to make on the pitch. With still over half the season to play, Tom and I will continue to concentrate on the team and will strive to put ourselves in a position where promotion is an option. We all understand that this will take lots of hard work and continuing development not only for our players but also for Tom and me as a Management team”.
With all of this taken into account and the work that needs to be undertaken the club is inviting companies to get involved with our project and help the club achieve the ground grading. The main tasks are a new stand and a toilet block amongst other slightly smaller jobs. The club has taken huge steps in the past four seasons and would like to continue to progress the non-league ladder and it would be such a shame if this work was halted purely down to financial constraints. The club is currently plying it’s trade at step 5 which is the highest it’s been in its history, please help the club continue to make these strides and promote your business alongside a community, developing hard working club. Anybody who would like to sponsor the club or assist it in its project please email me at

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