Coaches Blog – What can I expect in pre-season?

Coaches Blog – What can I expect in pre-season?

By Tom Foy
29 July 2019
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What can you expect from pre-season training?

This week I’ve had a few people asking me what they can expect from pre-season training with Brighton & Hove Sea Serpents. For some people it will be the first time they’ve ever done pre-season training with a rugby club we try to make sure it’s not their last. Whilst you might see the pros on social media doing some gruelling fitness tests and brutal training regimes our primary objective is to make it fun.

We’ll make it fun…

If it’s not fun people don’t come back and our goal as a club is to get as many LGBT+ men to play rugby as possible. Obviously while we’re at training we want people to work hard trying to be the best version of themselves as possible, but my best indicator of a good session is the number of people leaving with smiles on their faces. We also post a feedback form after every session so any player can give us feedback on the session so we can constantly be improving and making it more enjoyable.

We’ll teach you stuff…

Each year I create a periodised plan for training over the season. This means we focus on different types of rugby skills and strategies at different points of the year depending on our needs as a team. It also helps us plan the season to try and protect players as best we can from injuries, so you will notice than in periods with lots of games we will do less or no contact in training and when we don’t have lots of games we might work on our contact skills. We also plan individual sessions, I’ll have a set of learning objectives I’m trying to get across in each session so hopefully you’ll learn something or develop your skills every session.

We’ll play games…

I take a games based approach to my coaching I believe that practicing skills in game based scenarios makes the transfer from practice to matches easier, it makes scenarios more realistic and it keeps more people active at once. At the Sea Serpents we have lots of new players and playing games helps us to teach the laws of the game at the same time as teaching the skills you need to play it.

We’ll cover all the basics…

Pre-season is also a great time for us to get back to basics and perfect techniques. If you’ve not played before or are coming back to the game after some time out coming to pre-season is a great time to get involved. We’ll be going back to basics with tackling, passing, catching, running with the ball and the laws of the game so by the time the first game comes around you’ll feel confident and prepared to play.

We’ll set goals…

On Thursday 1st August we’ll also do a short half hour training session at 7pm followed by a team meeting. At the team meeting we’ll be setting some joint goals for the season and coming up with some collective plans about how we can achieve them together. We’re also meeting to discuss our plans for the 2020 Bingham Cup in Ottowa and how we can fundraise to get as many serpents out there as possible.

If you’ve got any other questions about training please do drop me a message I’m always happy to chat about rugby!


The picture on this post is from an XRugby7s tournament that was organised by Thales RFC on Wednesday 24th July at Crawley RFC, we played a 3 team with the help of some players from our friends at St Francis RFC. It was a round robin against Thales RFC and Dartford Valley RFC with each team winning 1 game each and every team scoring 7 tries so it finished a draw! Well done to everyone that took part.


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