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Match report Birmingham Bulls vs. Brighton Hove Sea Serpents

Match report Birmingham Bulls vs. Brighton Hove Sea Serpents

By Ian Chaplin
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What a first tour for the Sea Serpents!!!!

Firstly let’s talk about the game. The Bulls are a much more experienced team compared to previous sides the Serpents have played. This was going to be a hard slog and a steep learning curve. Before us, the Bulls had played the Steelers 3rds and won convincingly, so a much stronger side but we put up a great game.

The first half:

The first few minutes of the game saw the return of the 2 min try against us, it seems the Serpents like to be the underdog so to speak but we need to start the game as we finish it tight defence and heads on from the go. After that initial let down captain Byron smashed our heads together and pulled our spirits up and we started to fight back. The first 20 mins defence was slack and our attack was not as aggressive as it can be, this was to change. With the aid of some great penalty kicks from fly half Daniel da Rocha we started to fight back and these Serpents had a sting for the Bulls, which resulted in a great try by the captain, Byron Todd, (converted, Dan), which left him shocked (forwards especially props rarely get the glory).

The second half:

After the change of end, and Iggy's and Byron's exhortations to the team we continued in form. A drop goal from Dan suggested that we might be able to claw our way back into the match. However this seemed not to be our chance, and the bulls scored another two tries (one converted) before we were next to put scores on the board. about half way through the second half, Phil scored a try, converted by Dan.

Our attack when on form has greatly improved and Chris Rogerson our hooker had some great runs but working points are, still too stagnant when receiving the ball from a ruck and running straight. Further points are support roles for the ball carry, need to have two men with him ready to ruck over as several balls lost because no one was going in, the final point was carrying the ball both hands (I shall leave Iggy the coach to talk about the defensive line). Ashley Andrews and Dan had great communication in this game and even when Ash was under massive pressure from the Bull’s scrum half he maintained very clean passes out to forwards and backs so a massive well done. The Bulls had a great game with great communication and very powerful scrums gaining possession several times. In all was a great match and cannot wait for a rerun when we have developed further.

The third half:

I do have to mention the other side of rugby which sometimes gets forgotten in match reports and that is the brotherhood within the game. The Birmingham Bulls were great hosts inviting us out and looking after our very drunken nights especially as all the serpents are tour virgins!! Yes I lost my virginity to a Bull so to speak. This is the other half of what being in a team sport like rugby gives you, meeting new people who you would never have come across in our normal lives and making friendship bonds that are seriously deep. Playing rugby is about team spirit and that is within your team and meeting new teams, have a great game beat the c@@p out of each other for 80 mins then go enjoy some food and get drunk with the guys you just flattened/ got flattened by. This weekend really showed the serpents the true spirit of the game and all of us cannot wait to do it again. Massive thank you again to the Bulls and please never mention “Like a Virgin” dance again as I have had suppressive memory therapy to remove that.

Happy 5th birthday from the Sea Serpents

Chris Hibbert (12)

All I’ll add to the second part of Chris’s report is the FB comment from La Voix, on stage on the Saturday night:

La Voix
17 April at 12:38 · Birmingham ·

Such a fun, amazing and purely mad night at Eden, thanks for all the amazing posts about what a great night it was. If you put a ton of gay rugby boys in a room with a bar, you get insane madness but a lovely fun, non-attitude vibe and that's why I always push myself to be connected with gay sports's nothing to do with tight shorts and muscles honest. I instigated most of the madness last night (it was the eve of my birthday) and I loved how behind it all the crowd were. 

Well done to the Birmingham Bulls for packing it out and the Brighton (& Hove) Sea Serpents for demonstrating how alcohol and no rehearsal gives you lots of drunken gays try to dance to Madonna. 

A spectacle to behold


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