Bristol Aero Centenary Season - 2021/2022

Bristol Aero Centenary Season - 2021/2022

By Adam Arnott
23 July
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So our 2021/2022 Centenary Year and Season is upon us.

This year, like for many of you I’m sure, has always been ‘a few years away’ and of course recently it’s been pushed to the back of our minds with the current times we’re faced with.

However, without getting too political about looking forward. We can only deal with what's in front of us and respect and support whatever views and stance our teammates and club members want to regard how the club and rugby move forward for them and us.

As a club and committee, we’ve been working hard to deliver a celebration of our history and how proud we are of our heritage. Coupled with the knowledge that we must evolve and develop to ensure the club is here for a least another 100 years. For this, we need your support.

First and foremost in our focus is the culmination of the 2021/22 season with a centenary awards dinner. We want to reach out to as many past players and associates with the club to remember and celebrate and share our love of this amazing club. The date for your diaries for this is Friday 20th May 2022. Do not miss this one.

What have we got planned for the centenary year? In addition to the usual socials and events, here’s a few headlines we’re looking to deliver:

  • Bristol Aero Centurions – relaunching our juniors section.
  • The Aero Centenary Club - target of 100 club supporters who will donate £5 per month to the future of the club. This money will be spent to resurrect the BAC junior section for pitch hire, coaches, and whatever’s needed to ensure we have a club for the next 100 years. Names onto our centenary club board in the clubhouse
  • The earliest game we can find on records is against Bristol Saracens in Nov 1921. We’re recreating this with a friendly against them.
  • Centenary Playing Kit – using our original club crest. Kindly paid for by our loyal sponsors
  • Home changing room – wall-to-wall posters showing our history on one side. The other side, a signature wall and pics of every player we can possibly locate from the centenary dinner.
  • Honorary Life Members - all existing to be present hopefully and more awarded.
  • Centenary Caps – awarded and presented to various club legends
  • Centenary Blazers and Ties
  • Published book of ‘Why BAC’ interviews, for our first 100 years
  • Centenary Tour
  • More to come throughout the year.

What now? We need you all to support the club by coming to training if you’re playing or getting new blood to the club. We all know 1 person that we can ask – it really is that simple for the club to survive.

We’ll do the rest and keep you updated. Sign up as a member at if not already and please get in touch with your old BAC mates and get them involved if possible, to the centenary dinner as a minimum!

Wishing you all healthy and happy and looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Adam Arnott
Bristol Aeroplane Company RFC

07968 489 533

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