Match report - Broad Plain v BAC

Match report - Broad Plain v BAC

By Jacob Rider
10 September 2021
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Broad Plain v BAC 4th September 2021 By Sam Shep age 8 and a half

80 minutes of fun - 3 days of pain

18 months since the last proper game, BAC traveled south of the river to Broad Plain in some cup competition we didn’t really want to win anyway.

After everyone had finished their usual pre-match routine, taping up body parts, drinking red bull & the bald guys sun creaming up, we made our way out the pitch. Saturday was hot, maybe too hot.

BAC kicked off and we were back playing rugby, I wish I could give an in depth analysis of the game but I think I may have had heat stroke, I think Ross scored, I missed the kick.

Welly’s perfectly straight line out was secured and driven over well, I got the kick.

Plain scored at some point in the 1st half and then a few more in the 2nd half. Overall, we didn’t have a bad 1st hit out.

If I managed to hit touch from pens (telling me to “make sure” really does help) or pass the ball we may have done better hence DOTD.

Big shout out to the lads playing their 1st games Jack, Chris (I think), Charlie & Andy.

Secret item this week is a can of blackthorn(bury).

Final score Broad Plain 35 - 12 BAC.


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