Bear Club Monthly Draw Winners

Bear Club Monthly Draw Winners

By Andrew Crisp
31 August
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The Bear Club Monthly Draw is open to anyone, it costs just £5 per month to enter and you can pay by Cheque, Standing Order or Cash.

Each month you stand a chance of winning £75, £50 or £25 so join today just speak to any committee member.

Please Note: Due to the fluctuation of Bear Club members and the need for continuity of numbers people may be assigned a different number from one they had previously, however their name will still be included in the draw.

The most recent Draw Results are as follow:

August 2019
Mick Halliwell - £25
Tom Brosnan - £50
Mick Robinson - £75

July 2019
Ian Flack - £25
Nicki Soane - £50
Don Cunningham - £75

June 2019
Shaun Crisp - £25
Sandy Soane - £50
Clive Limbrick - £75

May 2019
Graham Shazell - £25
C Collins - £50
Kerriann Botting - £75

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