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Sun 06
Bath Buccs
Under 10's
Bruton finish TOP!

Bruton finish TOP!

By Kerry Reynolds
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Bruton U10's looked forward to their Tournament at Bath University, this facility never fails to inspire you. With 5 games to play Bruton needed to be on top form and with a full squad there were plenty of fresh legs. Bruton started a little on the back foot but once half way through the game One of Bruton's players broke through the Oldfield defence which spurred on the rest of the team, it was great to see Bruton's forward fighting attitude kick in resulting in a 1-0 WIN.
Bruton went in to their next 4 games with attacking force by no means were the games easy, Bruton were caught off guard a couple of times needing them to get back in defence from their attacking 'D'. Fortunately, some of the shots were not on target and Bruton's defence once back, stood strong and got the ball out of the danger zone. All players contributed 100% and you could see this in the way they played as a team, skills, confidence and trust. Bruton went on winning their 2nd game drawing the 3rd and then winning their last 2. I have since learnt that Bruton came TOP of their division which is absolutely FANTASTIC! Please let your children know of this brilliant achievement and help build their confidence and self esteem. Good work and support from all the parents too.
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Sun 06, Dec 2015



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