Sat 06
Tadley II
Buckingham 2nd XV
Tadley II 0 - Buckingham II 27

Tadley II 0 - Buckingham II 27

By Murray Bateman
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Job Done - just about.

With a large number of the quadragenarians either injured or off playing golf in Portugal, Dan and I were the only 40+ers, with the rapidly ageing Nibbler and Dicey helping us keep the whipper snappers in check!!

With half the team taking the field looking like the wild man of Borneo after excessive application of Handball wax, we were ready to go.

It took us a while to get out of the cars, with a number of stupid mistakes and panicky fumbles, but after about ten or fifteen minutes we got into our stride. To Tadley's credit they never gave up all afternoon and a good game was had by all (apart from Tadleys No 10 who got sent off for mouthing to the ref just before half time), but it seemed that when we got it beyond our No. 10, powerful runs from the Buckingham 12, 13 and 8 (nibbler what were you doing out there - goal hanger) were opening holes all over the place and i think we ran in 5 tries by the end of it. Obviously the best was mine, but i can tell you about that at a later date if you like.

A very odd 15 or 20 minutes was spent camped on the Tadley line, when Buck had maybe 4 or 5 tries disallowed for being held up or the ref not being able to see what was going on, so like i said all power to Tadley for not giving up. The game ended with Buck on the defensive, with Tadley pressing hard on our five yard line. Being the uncharitable gits that we are we did not let them have the last word. All in all not to bad a day out.

The 2nds still have not played for the full 80 minutes yet, Jeezz, when we do we will be unstoppable!! A week off then back home on the 20th vs Wallingford II's. Bring it on..

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